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03.20.09>> WMC is almost on!

01.01.09>> Happy New Year!

11.15.08>> Groove at Blue tonight.

10.10.08>> Tek Note Vol. 2 at Blue tonight.

09.06.08>> Funk Phenomena at Blue tonight.

07.03.08>> Two new Mixes up for your enjoyment. Live House mix from Sixx lounge back in May, and a New Progressive and Tech mix I recorded this week. Oh and the redesign is still in the works. It will probably be up by the beginning of August.

05.15.08>> Check the evenst listing to see where I'll be over the next week for my Birthday celebrations. Playing tomight and Tuesday here in Miami and in Atlanta ne

04.14.08>> I've been super busy as you can see by my last post below. WOW! Has it really been that long? Well the site is being redesigned, Conference was pretty good fun this year, and I was gone for 8 months last year. And now if you try to contact me through my email address you won't be able to. I am disabling the address. My email has been spoofed and is being used as a cover to send SPAM for Cialis and Viagra. So if you are trying to trace back the source for one of these SPAM mails, it is not really me. I am tracking down the person or persons responsible and they will be delt with... trust me. Sorry for the inconvenience though.

01.30.07>> New hosting is here! I should now not have the problems I used to :-)

01.20.07>> New hosting is coming shortly, so this site may be out of contact for a day or two.

01.10.07>> So yeah... I skipped an entire year of putting stuff up on this site. 2006 in summation included being busy and not so busy. WMC 2006 was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Locals Only 2006 was a hit, and I'm working on Locals Only 2007 as I write this! Mostly I worked on production, and being a perfectionist, alot is still not done. Some mixes I recorded will be uploaded soon (yeah, sooooon), and I promise to update more often. Oh, and Happy New Year!... again.

01.01.06>> Happy New Year!

12.30.05>> New Years SESSIONS tomorrow night at the Chesterfield. Flyer Here

11.25.05>> The "Carry On' Starts tomorrow, Saturday, November 26, 2005. Andrew Chibale and Sebastian will be joining me in deck duites. Check the flyer in the pop up or click here.

11.18.05>> Sunset SESSIONS is now on hiatus while we search for a new venue. It has been fun and we will be back soon even bigger and better.

10.02.05>> Sunset SESSIONS 1 Year Anniversary ... THIS FRIDAY! Myself plus 7 other locals I have had into this party in its first year! Take a look at the event pop up. Come early and get in free! 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach.

08.18.05>> Sunset SESSIONS is back in the spotlight on CoolJunkie! Check out the review!

08.16.05>> This Friday, 8.19.05, Sunset SESSIONS will be held at Nikki Beach, One Ocean Drive. This is just a temporary move and we will be back at our regular location next week.

06.21.05>> Tonight I did the last Progression Show on Pulse Radio. It was a great run for the last 5 years and I will miss it.

06.18.05>> This Tuesday will be my last show on Pulse Radio. Tune in and stop into the chat room for the farewell show.

03.27.05>> WMC is OVER! It was great! Time to sleep now.

03.20.05>> This will be the last post before WMC since it starts for me tomorrow. Be seeing you all over WMC I'm sure!

03.15.05>> Pulse Party, Bring on the Beats, Sounds of EDM, Locals Only, and Moonlight Sessions are the parties I will be involved with for this WMC... check for more info!

03.01.05>> WMC is only weeks away and lots of things are in the works. I will be playing at 5 events, and the details are to come

02.15.05>> WMC is coming! What am I doing? Info to come...

01.25.05>> The official Sunset Sessions Review is out! Read it Here on Cool Junkie!

01.01.05>> Happy New Year!

12.08.04>> My interview, or as it is dubbed, "DJ Q&A", came out today in this weeks edition of City Link Magazine. You can view it by clicking HERE, or pick up a copy in and around Ft. Lauderdale.

11.30.04>> Sunset SESSIONS Mini Review on Cool Junkie! Check it out HERE. It is at the start of the Aquabooty 4th Anniversary Review. Thanks to Bling for coming out and giving us a good mention!

11.29.04>> Just did an interview with Joanie Cox for City Link Magazine in Ft. Lauderdale. It should go live in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it!

10.01.04>> First night of Sunset SESSIONS was great. Thanks to everyone that was there. Let's do it again next Friday!

09.30.04>> Sunset SESSIONS starts tomorrow! Come on out and join us for some good music and drinks from 6PM-12AM. Details in the pop up window^. If you have popups blocked, click here

09.15.04>> New Top Ten! -->

09.10.04>> Starting October 1st - Sunset SESSIONS @ the Chesterfield Hotel! Featuring myself and friends Dj Soozin and Alan Stenback.

09.05.04>> Working on startiing up a new party. Details coming soon.

06.29.04>> "Ignite" is tonight! Come on out and party!

06.25.04>> This Thursday I'll be playing up in Ft. Lauderdale. It will be at fellow Pulse Radio peeps Soozin and Skytraveler's night "Ignite" at Lush. Go to for directions and info.

04.31.04>> Played a little private party for a friend that I hadn't seen for awhile last night. A good time with a good ol' friend, and some new ones.

04.15.04>> Still recovering from WMC.

03.11.04>> WMC was great, The Pulse Party was great.. Let's do it agian next year!

03.11.04>> Second slot at Tantra was much better. Actually enjoyed myself this time. Met some good people and all is well.

03.08.04>> Because of absolutely no time just before WMC and helping to setup the Pulse Party, I couldn't record my new mix/s - "Traveling Vol.2". Look for it and the other older mixes to be up in the coming months. Time willing.

03.08.04>> Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the Pulse Party were great. Some small snags, but no love lost and still lot's of fun for everyone! Got to use the word again - GREAT music from all the Pulse peoples! Still 2 more days left!

03.07.04>> First slot at Tantra was shit... well, not so great! Didn't really feel a good vibe, so I did my set best I could and then I was out of there. Happy now!

03.06.04>> First Night of the Pulse Party ROCKED! Sorry... only word to describe it! Everyone did a great job from start to finish, and I have to say I had a great vibe from everyone during my set. Thanks to all that came and that were involved! But wait... there is still 4 more days of this! Come out and support Pulse!

02.28.04>> I will also be playing at Tantra for 2 parties at WMC. Saturday March 6th and Wednesday March 10th for the Club Planet/ Absrtact Rhythm Party.

02.18.04>> Pulse Party '04:: THE PULSE HOTEL is coming to WMC! 40+ Djs including myself - James Stratus - will be taking over the Chesterfield Hotel on South Beach. Check here for details.

02.10.04>> I will be uploading 2 older mixes to the site very soon: Progression 1 and 2. Also a brand new mix coming just in time for WMC.

02.01.04>> Getting ready for WMC!

10.22.03>> The site is back up after over a month of being down. The server had a hickup and died. I lost almost all of my guestbook entries since I didn't back it up. Have to fix some things with the database now because it is not accepting entries. I will be back working soon.

08.29.03>> I Just added a guestbook at the request of a fan or two :-) . I'm still working out the bugs a bit, so let me know of any that may come up. Sign it Here.

08.28.03>> Last night I did my slot at Limebar. It was great to have met and spun with special guest, Ministry of Sound Radio's Mikey Gallagher, and Cooljunkie's Craig Demo. Thanks to those who came out! Come check me out on September 10th at Limebar when Choo Choo Records Gene Carbonell drops in (Gene was involved with the 2002 hit "Auto Porno" on Choo Choo Records and Yoshitoshi Records)

08.05.03>> Starting August 20th you can catch me on a rotating basis at "Thick & Juicy Wednesdays" at Limebar, here in South Beach. Presented by Abstract Rhythm.

06.23.03>> The new Abstract Rhythm website is now up: -_-. US booking requests will now go through them.

05.25.03>> I've just been signed to Abstract Rhythm Bookings. More info to come.

05.20.03>> Been super busy lately, and in the forseable near future. I'll be back with some new content soon, hold tight...

04.15.03>> Still recovering from WMC... that's all I can say.

03.19.03>> The Pulse Party went off with a hitch, but was a success none the less. Thanks to all that came and all who helped get it together.

03.17.03>> WMC is here! Listen live to the Pulse Radio Party direct from South Beach this Thursday the 19th, on Pulse Radio

02.21.03>> New mix available! "Halo". Progressive House and Tech House. It will be available to download in MP3 128 for a limited time: 7 days only! after that it will be available to listen to in Real Audio.


Dates Played @ WMC 04>>

Friday March 5th:
Pulse Party '04:: THE PULSE HOTEL
8PM - 10PM
@ The Chesterfield Hotel
855 Collins Ave
Miami Beach

Saturday March 6th:
Club Planet/Abstract Rhythm Party
9PM - 10PM
@ Tantra
1445 Pennsylvania Ave
Miami Beach

Wednesday March 10th:
Club Planet/Abstract Rhythm Party
10PM - 11PM
@ Tantra
1445 Pennsylvania Ave
Miami Beach

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